Image Consulting

With growing emphasis on the importance of presenting one’s self in a competent, positive manner, firms, companies, and individual ventures are looking to image consultants. The career allows professionals to advise their clients on how to improve the impact of their appearance, their general etiquette, their communicative abilities, and their overall persona as perceived by other individuals. This image consulting business in India is growing quickly, with clients looking to apply their training in both professional and personal life. It offers personal fulfillment through interesting work, diverse needs of clients, and the ability to work with great people.

There are no specific requirements to join image consulting firms. Top consultants suggest that interested candidates work on their own soft skills, communicative abilities, and basic computer skills before applying for work in their firms. Other useful skills include a high emotional intelligence quotient, as consultants will work with clients on a very personal, direct level, and some exposure to current style trends.

The most dominant image consulting business and training centre in India is the Image Consulting Business Institute.